To provide the best possible experience, we have departments that focus on specific goals.

All-in-one website platform

BrilliantCloud is our powerful all-in-one platform that we built. We bundle all the essential elements to provide you with an excellent experience. With our powerful tools, anyone can effortlessly create a website.

BrilliantCloud Makers
Custom-made websites

BrilliantCloud Makers is our department for custom-made websites, which are developed on top of the powerful BrilliantCloud platform. With more than 6 years of experience in web design, your professional new website will be online in no time.

To BrilliantCloud Makers

Our timeline

What started as a hobby that got out of hand has now grown into a company that provides thousands of visitors every day with an improved online experience.

  • The Maowao era

    November 2016

    Maowao started out as a media company. In the beginning, Maowao provided drone images. Shortly after, we also started using DSLR cameras to expand our target audience. The idea behind Maowao was to be a complete solution, so it didn't take long before we delivered websites.

  • Maowao Sites

    June 2018

    Maowao Sites (beta) is the founder of what BrilliantCloud is today. Creating and maintaining individual websites takes a lot of time, which is why we decided to set up our own platform. This platform initially focused on our media customers, but quickly became public. When the platform became public, we slowly stopped working on the media side of Maowao.

  • registered

    April 7, 2019

    From this date onwards we continued as BrilliantCloud. Because Maowao had been focusing solely on websites for quite some time, we decided to go for a fresh and matching name.

  • Knock knock, here's your email

    February 7, 2021

    In order to become the all-in-one platform that we have been striving for for years, it was also necessary to offer an email environment. Although this e-mail environment had been running behind the scenes for a while, it became available to everyone from this point on.

  • Anyone there?

    2021 - 2023

    The reason this time frame is so long is because a lot of things have happened in the background, but it doesn't have its own heading. Our entire infrastructure has been completely renewed since the start of BrilliantCloud. We have welcomed many new customers and released many new developments. Meanwhile, we have also been working hard on version 2 of BrilliantCloud.

  • 3.. 2.. 1... Launch!

    January 10, 2024

    A lot has happened on this date. BrilliantCloud launched its new look, underlying system and BrilliantCloud Makers, a separate department for custom-made websites.